The cell structure of the reticulopodial amoeba Filoreta marina Bass et Cavalier-Smith (Cercozoa)


The cell structure of a reticulopodial amoeba, Filoreta marina Bass et Cavalier-Smith, is described. The cell is covered by a unitary membrane; glycostyles are absent. The life cycle comprises the uninucleate stage, multinucleate plasmodium, and spherical uninucleate cysts. The microtubules inside pseudopodia and the flagella are absent. The vesicular nuclei, endoplasmic reticulum, and Golgi apparatus are of a typical structure. The plasmodium produces a branched network of narrow anastomosing (reticulopodia) and wide pseudopodia. Thin unbranched micropseudopodia have also been observed. Oval mitochondria with a size of 0.3 × 0.6 μm contain the tubular cristae. A bidirectional motion of the cytoplasm inside the reticulopodia has been detected. Extrusomes (extrusive organelles) have not been found. The contractile vacuole is absent. F. marina feeds on bacteria. A similarity of this amoeba to other filose and reticulopodial amoebas is discussed.

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  • Filoreta marina
  • ultrastructure
  • reticulopodia
  • multinucleate plasmodia
  • Cercozoa