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How We Pass From Semigroups to Hypersemigroups



In this paper we show the way we pass from semigroups (without order) to hypersemigroups. Moreover we show that, exactly as in semigroups, in the results of hypersemigroups based on right (left) ideals, quasi-ideals and bi-ideals, points do not play any essential role, but the sets, which shows their pointless character. The aim of writing this paper is not just to add a publication on hypersemigroups but, mainly, to publish a paper which serves as an example to show what an hypersemigroup is and give the right information concerning this structure.

Keywords and phrases

hypersemigroup regular left (right) ideal intra-regular bi-ideal quasi-ideal 


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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsUniversity of AthensPanepistimiopolisGreece

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