Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B

, Volume 11, Issue 4, pp 652–662 | Cite as

Molecular mechanisms of the damage effect of pesticides of various structures on target organisms

  • E. A. SaratovskikhEmail author
Chemical Physics of Ecological Processes


The results of a study of the mechanism of action of eight pesticides: Zenkor, Lontrel, Roundup, Kusagard, Sethoxydim, Basagran, Tachigaren, and Tilt are presented. It is shown that they form bidentate metal complexes with trace elements. Pesticides and their metal complexes interact with mono-, di-, and polynucleotides and enzyme systems of living organisms. In all cases, two- or three-component complex systems are formed. The formation of a complex with adenosine triphosphoric acid leads to energy deficiency of the cell and suppression of energy metabolism. The pesticides considered are promutagens; that is, they exhibit genotoxicity after metabolic activation.


pesticides Zenkor Lontrel Roundup Kusagard Sethoxydim Basagran Tachigaren, and Tilt toxicity metal complexes nucleotides 


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