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Arginine and lysine as products of basic carboxypeptidase activity associated with fibrinolysis


Blood carboxypeptidases play an important role in the regulation of fibrinolysis. We have proposed here the method for the assay of blood carboxypeptidase activity associated with coagulation/fibrinolysis using the natural substrate fibrin and the detection of basic amino acids arginine and lysine as products under conditions closely resembling those in vivo. Plasma samples from 15 patients with arterial hypertension have been investigated. Coagulation and subsequent fibrinolysis were initiated by addition of standard doses of thrombin and tissue plasminogen activator, respectively. Arginine and lysine concentrations before, during, and after completion of fibrinolysis were determined using HPLC. The parameters of fibrinolysis were evaluated by the clot turbidity assay. The coagulation/fibrinolysis cycle was accompanied by a significant increase in concentrations of arginine and lysine in the incubation mixture by 101 and 81%, respectively. The duration of fibrinolysis initiation significantly correlated with the degree of increase of these amino acids: r S = −0.733 and −0.761 for arginine and lysine, respectively (p < 0.05). Arginine generation had two maximums: one in the beginning of clot lysis and another one at the end of the lysis, whereas the lysine release occurred mainly in the middle of fibrinolysis. Thus, the carboxypeptidase activity associated with fibrinolysis can be considered as a local source of the essential amino acids originated from fibrin clot degradation products.

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  • fibrinolysis
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