Nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine

  • N. V. Medvedeva
  • O. M. Ipatova
  • Yu. D. Ivanov
  • A. I. Drozhzhin
  • A. I. Archakov


Nanobiotechnology is a new direction in the technological science, which plays a key role in creation of nanodevices for analysis of living systems on a molecular level. Nanomedicine is the application of nanotechnologies in medicine for maintenance and improvement of human life using the knowledge on human organism at the molecular level. Application of nanoparticles and nanomaterials for the diagnostic and therapeutic purposes is now significantly extended in nanomedicine. Use of nanotechnological approaches and nanomaterials opens new prospects for creation of drugs and systems for their directed delivery. Implementation of optical biosensor, atomic force, nanowire and nanoporous approaches into genomics and proteomics will significantly enhance the sensitivity and accuracy of diagnostics and will shorten the time of diagnostic procedures that will undoubtedly improve the efficiency of medical treatment. The review highlights recent data on application of nanobiotechnologies in the field of diagnostics and creation of new drugs.

Key words

nanotechnologies nanobiotechnologies bionanotechnologies nanomedicine nanodiagnosticums nanodrugs (nano)-transportation systems 


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