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Correction of Metabolic Indicators of Erythrocytes and Myocardium Structure with Ozonized Red Blood-Cell Mass


The early posttransfusion period after acute blood loss using erythromass without ozone was characterized by decreased electrophoretic mobility of erythrocytes (EPME), ATP, 2,3-diphosphoglycerate (2,3- DPG) concentration, Na+-K+-ATPase activity, and increased concentration of malonic dialdehyde (MDA) and catalase activity in erythrocytes. Most parameters gradually were restored over 5 days, but a reduced concentration of 2,3-DPG was observed throughout the entire experiment with transfusion of erythromass without ozone. Transfusion of the ozonized erythrocyte mass 1 h after its administration caused an increase in 2,3- DPG concentration in erythrocytes circulating in the vascular bed. Twenty-four hours later, increased catalase activity, EPPE, and ATP concentration were registered, and, after 5 days, enhanced Na+-K+-ATPase activity was registered. Their values were maintained until the end of the experiment at a higher level than in animals that had undergone transfusion of the nonozonized erythromass. Ozonized erythrocyte mass improves the functional metabolic state of erythrocytes, promotes an earlier recovery of the oxygen transport in blood, and limits the damage to the microcirculatory bed of the myocardium and cardiomyocytes during blood loss.

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malonic dialdehyde


lipid peroxidation


electrophoretic mobility of erythrocytes


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