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Generation of rat-induced pluripotent stem cells: Reprogramming and culture medium


The rat represents an animal model highly attractive for studying pharmacology, physiology, aging, cardiovascular diseases, etc., that in many aspects is more adequate than the mouse model. Derivation of induced pluripotent stem cells from rats (riPS) opens the opportunity for gene targeting in specific rat strains, as well as for the development of new protocols for the treatment of different degenerative diseases. Here we report an improved protocol for riPS cell generation, which is based on lentivirus delivery of reprogramming factors with their subsequent excision from the genome, application of serum-free media and chemical inhibitors MEK and GSK. We compared various conditions for riPS cell derivation, analyzed the cell karyotype, and assessed the pluripotency of the established cells. These data may prompt further iPS cell-based gene targeting in rat, as well as the development of iPS-based cell therapy, using this animal model.

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iPS cells:

induced pluripotent stem cells


mouse embryonic fibroblasts

ES cells:

embryonic stem cells


enhanced green fluorescent protein


glycogen synthase kinase


leukemia inhibitory factor


phosphate buffer saline


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  • induced pluripotent stem cells
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