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Spatial Planning as a Tool of Marine and Coastal Nature Management in Krasnodar Krai

Abstract—To solve the problems of ensuring the sustainable development of coastal ecosocioeconomic systems and adjacent marine areas marine spatial planning (MSP) tools are used as one of the approaches to territorial planning. This paper assesses the possibilities of using the MSP tools to improve the efficiency of joint activities of economic entities and minimize environmental risks of environmental management. As a territorial object, the coastal zone of Krasnodar Krai as a coastal subject of the Russian Federation is examined and the ecological and economic state of the territory is analyzed. Based on analyzing the international and Russian practice, the principles and stages of the MSP process are considered, as well as the opportunities and prospects for using the MSP principles for Krasnodar Krai, including in terms of the necessary legal base. It is shown that due to the geographical, economic, and ecological features of Krasnodar Krai and to the lack of the federal and regional legal system in the field of strategic planning of coastal ecosocioeconomic systems and adjacent marine areas, implementation of MSP tools can be the missing link in the decision-making process for the development of regional maritime activities. An analysis of the experience from using the MSP tools for Krasnodar Krai shows that sustainable development of the coastal territories and the adjacent waters areas depends primarily on monitoring maritime activities and the environment to prevent degradation of the ecosocioeconomic situation. Requirements for the use of elements of the MSP tools for Krasnodar Krai have been developed, which should be aimed at providing recommendations for effective decision making to administrative bodies and economic entities in specific maritime sectors of natural resource management.

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This work was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and Krasnodar Krai Administration (19-45-230001 r_a, 18-05-80035, 20-05-00009), the Russian Science Foundation (20-17-00060).

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