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Influence of Air Velocity on Non-Isothermal Decay and Combustion of Gas Hydrate


Experimental studies on non-isothermal dissociation and combustion of double gas hydrate of methane-ethane the laminar air flow velocity \(V_{0}\) were carried out. A forced convective flow enhances both the heat transfer and dissociation rate. The curve of the rate of gas hydrate decay against \(V_{0}\) has a nonlinear character and demonstrates two regimes of dissociation. In the first regime, the decay rate increases with \(V_{0}\). After reaching the maximum value, the decay rate decreases slightly with \(V_{0}\) growth (the second regime of dissociation). The difference in the decay behavior in the two regimes is due to the different shapes of the flame. As the air velocity grows, the flame becomes inclined towards the wall, the temperature of which is much lower than the flame temperature (flame temperature is about 1500–1600 K, and the temperature of the powder layer surface is 0–20°C). Partial removal of water from the powder surface led a flame temperature rise of 70–100 K.

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