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Effect of Structuring by Deformational Cutting on Heat Transfer and Dynamics of Transient Cooling Processes with Liquid Film Flowing onto a Copper Plate


The paper presents results of an experimental study of the effect of pin microstructures on the wetting front propagation and its structure under adiabatic conditions and on strongly pre-heated surfaces, as well as the heat transfer and critical heat fluxes under steady-state heat release with liquid nitrogen film flowing. The surface structuring was created by the deformational cutting method (DCM). Comparison with data obtained on a smooth heater is presented. It is shown that the microstructures created by the DCM may have a significant effect on the nature of the temperature curves, reducing the total time of plate cooling at rewetting up to 2 times, and significantly change the structure and dynamics of the wetting front under adiabatic conditions. At the same time, such microstructuring with preset parameters of microfinning has weak influence on the heat transfer under steady-state heat release. High-speed video data of the processes are presented.

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The authors are especially grateful to Professor of the Department of Instrumental Techniques and Technologies at Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Doctor of Technical Sciences N.N. Zubkov for the provided samples with surfaces microstructured by the deformational cutting method.


The study was performed at Kutateladze Institute of Thermophysics (IT SB RAS) with the support of RFBR (project no. 18-08-00402-a) and the BSI SAS Program for 2017–2020 (project III.18.2.3, reg. no. AAAA-A17-117030310025-3).

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