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Investigations of Advantages of Simultaneous Combustion of Natural Gas and Mazout in Medium Power Steam Boilers


The article presents the results of comparative investigations of operation modes of the DKVR 10-13 steam boiler system. The investigations were performed in two different modes. In the first mode, the boiler worked only on the gas fuel, whereas in the second mode, the boiler worked on the gas fuel and mazout simultaneously. Each mode requires considering the economic and ecological conditions for the combustion process for each boiler-furnace unit. The exhaust gas from mazout is discharged into the atmosphere and contains substances harmful to people and environment. These emissions can be significantly decreased by optimal control of the combustion process. Optimal organization of the process of combustion of water-mazout emulsion enables decrease in the emission of nitrogen oxides by reducing the excess air via injection of steam or water into the flame. In connection with the above, proper operation of the device must ensure a minimum possible excess of air and minimum temperature of exhaust at the boiler outlet. The experimental research has shown that special technical and technological measures should be used in relation to nitrogen oxide emission by the gas boiler. In turn, simultaneous combustion of gas and mazout allows achieving a similar value of NO\(_{x}\) emissions without need in additional measures.

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