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Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Studies on a Discretely and Differently Heated Electronic Board


The article presents the results of a comprehensive fundamental numerical study of the problem of conjugate mixed convection with surface radiation from a vertical electronic board with multiple different discrete heat sources. The governing equations for the fluid flow and heat transfer, which are considered in their full strength, are transformed from a primitive variable form to a stream-function-vorticity formulation and are subsequently normalized. The equations thus obtained are converted into an algebraic form using the finite volume method. The governing equations for the temperature distribution along the board were deduced from the appropriate energy balance between various energy interactions the board is engaged in. These equations are solved by the Gauss–Siedel iterative technique. The cooling medium is air, which is assumed to be radiation transparent. The computer code was specially written. The effects of the fluid flow velocity, material properties, and surface properties on the thermal behavior of the board are studied. The dependence of the pumping power on the surface emissivity of the board in different mixed convection regimes and for different materials was probed into. The singular role exhibited by buoyancy in the present problem is elucidated.

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