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Effect of Mass Transfer and MHD Induced Navier’s Slip Flow Due to a non Linear Stretching Sheet


MHD flow of an electrically conducting Newtonian fluid over a super linear stretching sheet in the presence of suction/injection and Navier slip is studied using modified Adomain decomposition method (MADM) and Padé approximants. Governing nonlinear partial differential equations are transformed into nonlinear ordinary differential equations using an appropriate similarity transformation. The transformed equations are solved analytically by the modified ADM and Padé approximation. The modified ADM for solving nonlinear differential equations is purely and solely the traditional Taylor’s series method. Padé approximants are applied to increase the convergence of the given series. The developed analytical technique is verified comprehensively. It is found that Navier’s slip condition can lead to a non-essential growth of the boundary layer thickness and a decrease in the axial and transverse velocities.

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c :

constant in the sheet coefficient, s−1

f :

dimensionless stream function

H 0 :

magnetic field, W·m−2

k :

slip constant

Q :

Chandrasekhar number (√Q is called Hartmann number)

R m :

magnetic Reynolds number

u :

axial velocity part along x axis, m/s

v :

transverse velocity part along y axis, m/s

v w(x):

dimensional sheet mass velocity

V c :

mass transfer parameter

x :

horizontal coordinate, m

y :

vertical coordinate, m


Naviers’ slip

η :

similarity variable

μ :

dynamic fluid viscosity, kg·m−1·s−1

ν :

kinematic fluid viscosity, m2·s−1

ρ :

fluid density, kg·m−3

σ :

fluid electrical conductivity

ψ :

physical stream function, m2·s−1



f :


s :


w :

wall condition


from the sheet

f η :

first derivative of f with respect to η

f ηη :

second derivative of f with respect to η

f ηηη :

third derivative of f with respect to η


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