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Desorption of Aqueous Solution of Lithium Bromide on Enhanced Surfaces in a Single-Stage Lithium-Bromide Absorption Chiller


This article presents values of heat transfer coefficients at pool boiling of aqueous solution of lithium bromide on smooth and fin tubes. The experimental studies were performed under conditions typical of absorption chiller with single-stage desorption. More exactly, the condensation pressure was about 7.8–8.5 kPa, and the concentration of lithium bromide solution was 60–61 wt%. The outer diameter of the smooth and fin tubes was 16.0 mm; the inner diameter was 12.0 mm. The surface roughness factor of the fin tubes ranged from 2.7 to 6.0. The studies have shown that for fin tubes the heat transfer coefficient reduced to a surface unit is up to 30 percent higher as compared with a smooth tube.

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The test section with smooth and fin samples of heat transfer tubes was constructed and the experiments were performed supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research grant (project no. 17-48-543278\18). The peripheral equipment for the operation of the test section was produced and all necessary measurements analysis of experimental data were conducted as part of the IT SB RAS state assignment (AAAA-A17-117030910025-7).

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