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Characterization of Multi-Jet Cooling Using High-Speed Visualization and IR Thermography


The paper presents the results of experimental study on characteristics of non-boiling multi-jet water cooling. Experimental data on the characteristics of droplet jets including the distribution of droplets sizes and their velocity, as well as liquid irrigation patterns on a transparent heating surface, were obtained using high-speed visualization. The surface temperature field of the thin-film ITO heater was measured using IR thermography. The usage of synchronized techniques revealed the relationship between the irrigation dynamics and the temperature field of the heating surface. Moreover, IR thermography made it possible to determine both the distribution of local heat transfer rate in various areas of the impact surface and the integral heat transfer during multi-jet cooling. In particular, the dependence of the integral heat transfer rate on the distance between the spray source and the heater was revealed and it was shown that there is an optimal configuration of liquid irrigation pattern at which the maximum heat transfer coefficient is observed.

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This work was supported by Program of Fundamental Scientific Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences for 2013–2020 (theme III.18.2.3, AAAA-17-117030310025-3) and by Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the government of the Novosibirsk region of the Russian Federation, project no. 18-48-540018.

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