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Mathematical Modeling of Evolution of Swirling Turbulent Jet in Coflowing Stream


A numerical modeling of a swirling turbulent jet in a coflowing stream was carried out. The flow description involved two second-order mathematical models. The first one includes the averaged equations of motion and the differential equations for transfer of normal Reynolds stresses and dissipation rate in the thin shear layer approximation. The second model relies on the far wake approximation. The distances from the source of the jet in the calculations reached very large values. At small distances, the calculated profiles of the averaged velocity components agree well with the known experimental data from Lavrent’ev Institute of Hydrodynamics SB RAS. At large distances from the source, the flow becomes close to the self-similar one, with degeneration laws and normalized profiles consistent with the known theoretical concepts of the dynamics of swirling turbulent jets in a coflowing stream. The problem of asymptotic behavior of a nonswirling turbulent jet in a coflowing stream was also considered. A self-similar solution based on numerical experiments was obtained.

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The formulation of the problems and their computer implementation were financially supported by RFBR grant no. 17-01-00332. The numerical experiments were carried within the framework of the IT SB RAS state assignment (AAAA-A17-117022850027-5); the calculation results were discussed and the article was written within the framework of the IT SB RAS state assignment and module no. 0316-2018-0001 “Development and analysis of new elements of computing technology for solving fundamental and applied problems of aero, hydro, and wave dynamics” of the ICT SB RAS state assignment. The authors dedicate this work to the blessed memory of V.A. Kostomakha.

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