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Computational Analysis of Gas Flow in Gas Distributor Breadboard for Creating Efficient Devices to Remove Volatile Organic Compounds


The paper presents the results of CFD modeling of air flows in a gas distributor breadboard at the inlet of structured catalytic cartridges. The calculation results were used for modifying the gas distributor. Comparison of the experimental and calculated data yielded the most adequate model of turbulence; relationship between the boundary conditions and the accuracy of the modeling results was revealed. Recommendations for improving the distribution of gas flow rates in the selected gas distributor breadboard are formulated.

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The experimental works were carried out by a co-performer of R&D on the topic “Highly efficient catalytic installations for environmental protection” with financial support from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation under Government Decree no. 218 of 09.04.2010 (contract no. 03.G25.31.0221 of 03.03.2017). The investigation was also performed within the framework of State Assignment for Institute of Thermophysics, Siberian Branch, Russian Acad. Sci. (AAAA-A18-118051690120-2). The determination of the limits of applicability of turbulence models was funded by RFBR (project no. 18-31-20036).

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Balzhinimaev, B.S., Ivanov, S.Y., Kabardin, I.K. et al. Computational Analysis of Gas Flow in Gas Distributor Breadboard for Creating Efficient Devices to Remove Volatile Organic Compounds. J. Engin. Thermophys. 28, 372–380 (2019).

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