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Calculation of Radiation Heat Exchange in the Model of Specular-Diffuse Reflection and Direct and Diffuse Transmission


The general solution to the radiation exchange problem in the zone method is given in the system of surfaces in the presence of nonparticipating medium for the model of specular-diffuse reflection and direct and diffuse transmission. The reflection indicatrix for all surfaces of the considered system of bodies is assumed as a superposition of diffuse and specular components of reflection, and the transmitted radiation for transparent materials—as a superposition of direct and diffuse transmission. The cornerstone of the offered approach is in obtaining the exchange radiation factors by the semi-analytical method by solving a system of linear algebraic equations that include specular exchange factors or diffuse configuration factors of radiation. This allows one to combine exact computational methods of diffuse reflection and diffuse transmission through diffuse configuration factors with methods of direct ray tracing for accounting of specular reflection and direct transmission. Solutions for all possible particular models of reflection and transmission are provided. The solution for diffuse transmission by the semi-analytical method is obtained for the first time. Results of the numerical experiments confirming accuracy and efficiency of the offered approach are given.

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