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Droplet-Laden Mist Film Cooling Effectiveness of Cylindrical Holes Embedded in a Transverse Trench


A three-dimensional numerical model of calculating in the Euler approach is developed to calculate a two-phase turbulent near-wall flow; simulation of thermal efficiency of a gas-droplet shielding injected into a transverse trench through inclined cylindrical holes is fulfilled. The influence of the main thermo-gas-dynamic characteristics of the two-phase flow on thermal efficiency is analyzed. Significant increase in thermal efficiency was obtained by adding droplets in the nearwall coolant flow (up to 2 times in comparison with a single-phase flow). A particular advantage of this method of coolant injection is achieved at high injection parameters. It is shown that the use of two-phase gas-droplet near-wall shielding is promising for protection of surfaces against thermal influence of the heated gas flows.

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