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Going to Spontaneous Boiling-Up Onset


The article describes the experimental approach to elucidate the characteristics of the initial spontaneous boiling (spontaneous boiling-up) and the related effect of attainable liquid superheat. Presented is the analysis of the pioneering works on this subject carried out by G.V. Ermakov in the 60ies under the leadership of V.P. Skripov. They were the “healthy stimulus” for the revival of interest to liquid superheat in the scientific community. The article is devoted to the 80ies anniversary of Ermakov (1938–2012), who has been recognized for a series of investigations on thermodynamic properties of superheated liquids and the kinetics of liquid boiling-up [1]. The article presents discussion of the most striking results obtained in Ermakov’s team and also the previously unpublished results. Selection of issues for discussion was dictated by the preferences of the authors who collaborated with Ermakov.

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