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Loop Thermosyphon with Vapor Chamber Installation for Energy Thrift in a Chilli Oven


This research presents a case study of applying a loop thermosyphon with a vapor chamber (LTVC) for a chilli oven (O/LTVC). The LTVC had a dimension evaporator chamber size of 200 mm × 200 mm ×75 mm (W×L×H) with a shape of eight-loops thermosyphon, the lengths of adiabatic and condenser sections were 824 mm and 800 mm, respectively. The air velocity was 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 m/s with a air inlet operating temperature being 60, 70, and 80°C. The working fluid chosen for our study was distilled water with a filling ratio of 40% by chamber volume. The O/LTVC provided regular temperature distribution and a good thermal performance. The quality of color measurement and sensory of the chilli oven exceeded the manufacturing standard. The LPG consumption had a thrift of 0.3 $US/kg after drying of 280 kg chilli. Obviously, the O/OTCV has a good oven processing.

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