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Numerical Simulation for Falling Film Flow Characteristics of Refrigerant on the Smooth and Structured Surfaces


Flow characteristics of a liquid film flowing over a smooth surface and structured surface with the Reynolds number range from 10 to 1121 are studied. The mixture of R21 and R114 refrigerants is used as the test liquid. The 3D transient simulations are taken to capture the liquid film’s dynamic characteristics and spatial distribution. Effects of the inlet dimension, inlet flow rates, surface tension, and surface structuring on the wettability, average velocity, and film thickness are studied systematically. The obtained results show that surface tension is essential for an accurate simulation, while inlet width has no effect on the liquid film parameters in the steady-state flow regime. For low flow rates, wetting area and film thickness both are small, and a suggested range of Reynolds number is chosen to simulate further heat transfer in order to balance the film thickness and dry spots generation. It is shown that a ripple surface structure hinders the liquid film movement, reflected in a lower velocity and a larger film thickness compared to the smooth surface. Lateral movement of a liquid film can also be observed at the structured surface.

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