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A numerical study of laminar natural convective heat transfer inside a closed cavity with different aspect ratio


Two-dimensional steady-state laminar natural convection was studied numerically for differentially heated air-filled closed cavity with adiabatic top and bottom walls. The temperature of the left heated wall and cooled right wall was assumed to be constant. The governing equations were iteratively solved using the control volume approach. In this paper, the effects of the Rayleigh number and the aspect ratio were examined. Flow and thermal fields were exhibited by means of streamlines and isotherms, respectively.Variations of the maximum stream function and the average heat transfer coefficient were also shown. The average Nusselt number and was correlated to the Rayleigh number based on curve fitting for each aspect ratio. The investigation covered the range 104 ≤ RA ≤ 107 and is done at Prandtl number equal to 0.693. The result shows the average Nusselt number is the increasing function of Rayleigh number. As the aspect ratio increases, Nusselt number decreases along the hot wall of the cavity. As Rayleigh number increases, Nusselt number increases. Result indicates that at constant aspect ratio, with increase in Rayleigh number the heat transfer rate increases.

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