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Free convective MHD flow of visco-elastic fluid past a vertical porous plate in the presence of heat source and chemical reaction


Magnetohydrodynamics flow of a visco-elastic incompressible fluid (Walter’s B′ model) past an infinite porous plate in porous medium under the action of transverse uniform magnetic field in the presence of heat source and chemical reaction is investigated. The governing equations of the motion, energy and concentration are solved by a successive perturbation technique. The flow phenomenon is characterized by suction parameter, magnetic parameter, porosity parameter, Grashoff number, modified Grashoff number, Prandtl number, heat source parameter, chemical reaction parameter and Schmidt number. The expressions for skin friction coefficient, Nusselt number, and Sherwood number on the surface are also discussed.

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  • Dust
  • Porous Medium
  • Nusselt Number
  • Prandtl Number
  • Skin Friction