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Convective analysis of constructal T-shaped fins


In this work the optimization of T-shaped fins is considered. The potentiality of the Constructal theory applied to heat transfer process in obtaining optimal T-shaped profiles is demonstrated. The range of validity of unidirectional conduction model used through the optimization performed relies on the Biot number criterion, which in some cases appears to be an approximation too weak especially when higher heat transfer coefficients due to the characteristics of the flux and of external surface are involved. After a general overview about elemental profiles and how their geometry has developed in recent years, an original method for obtaining a reasonable assess of the heat transfer coefficient is presented. The aim of the authors is to give a new perspective in optimization process that must guide to optimal results taking into account the real contribution of the whole set of factors and variables involved, with special regards to the contribution of the convective heat transfer.

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  • Heat Transfer
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Heat Mass Transfer
  • Constructal Theory
  • High Heat Transfer