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Double-diffusive radiative magnetic mixed convective slip flow with Biot and Richardson number effects


This paper investigates combined heat and mass transfer by mixed magneto-convective flow of an electrically conducting flow along a moving radiating vertical flat plate with hydrodynamic slip and thermal convective boundary conditions. The governing transport equations are converted into a system of coupled nonlinear ordinary differential equations with prescribed boundary conditions using similarity variables developed by Lie group theory. The transformed nondimensional boundary value problem is then solved numerically with MAPLE13 quadrature. Excellent correlation with previous nonmagnetic, no-slip studies is achieved. Surface shear stress function and local Nusselt number (heat transfer gradient at the wall) are increased with Richardson number, whereas local Sherwood number is found to initially decrease then subsequently increase. The “thermally thick” scenario (Biot number > 0.1) is investigated and increasing Biot number is observed to enhance shear stress function (skin friction), local Nusselt number, and local Sherwood number. Increasing thermal radiation flux increases thermal boundary layer thickness as does increasing the magnetic field effect. Increasing hydrodynamic slip parameter reduces skin friction but enhances local Nusselt and Sherwood numbers. The study has applications in high-temperature polymeric synthesis and magnetic field flow control.

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