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Critical phenomena at evaporation in a thin liquid layer at reduced pressure


This research is concerned with the problem of heat transfer in a thin liquid layer on a horizontal surface, which evaporates at reduced pressure, when structures shaped as “funnels” and “craters” appear on its surface under the action of vapor recoil force. An approximate model that takes into account the surface tension force, gravity force, vapor recoil force, and disjoining pressure is developed. For the experimentally realized shape of curved surface, in the frames of the model, the distribution of vapor recoil force, temperature, pressure, shear stresses, and local heat fluxes along the interface is found. The density of the heat flux corresponding to appearance of a crater at the place of an array of funnels is estimated. The results are in good agreement with the experimental measurements and the estimates by the Kutateladze formula for the first critical heat flux density.

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