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Disintegration of flows of superheated liquid films and jets


This paper represents results on investigating the dynamics of boiling and disintegration of superheated liquid films and jets. The first part deals with experimental study of boiling liquid outflow through short cylindrical and slit channels. Evolution of disintegration of a hot water jet flow is observed both at low and moderate superheating and at high and limit superheating, and also for vaporization mechanisms corresponding to these superheatings. Peculiarities of disintegration of jets through slit and cylindrical channels are noticed. Results on measuring the reactive thrust of the jet through a slit channel under different geometrical conditions behind the channel outlet are represented. The 1/f fluctuations in transient regimes of superheated liquid boiling and in transient regimes of behavior of the jet shape are found. The second part of this article represents results on experimental investigation of nonsteady heat transfer and dynamics of the development of crisis phenomena at boiling of a falling subcooled liquid film in the conditions of stepwise heat release. The experimental data were obtained using synchronized high-speed infrared thermography and video. It is shown that with growth and condensation of vapor bubbles, on the liquid film interface appear large-amplitude waves that lead to considerably increasing local intensity of heat transfer. New data on the boiling incipience temperature in a subcooled liquid film, depending on the heat flux density, are obtained. It is found that the development of boiling crisis is a result of appearance of local dry patches and their subsequent growth by the mechanism of longitudinal thermal conductivity in the heat transfer wall as the equilibrium heat flux density is exceeded.

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