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Phenomenological models of microwave heating of a flat coal mass with release of absorbed heat by the convection law


Phenomenological models of electrodynamics and heat transfer in application to microwave heating are constructed. Analytically rigorous solutions to problems of heating a flat coal mass under microwave radiation are obtained. The boundary conditions correspond to convection mechanism of absorbed heat release to the ambient medium. Mathematical models of dielectric heating for homogeneous boundary conditions are solved by a method of dual integral Laplace and Fourier transform. In the presence of inhomogeneities in the boundary conditions, a quite universal method of Green functions is used. The obtained formulas have a constraint associated with constancy of electro- and thermophysical characteristics of coal fuel, or when their piecewise constant approximation is admissible. The obtained dependences form the basis for scientific support of the microwave heating technology.

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  • Green Function
  • Microwave Radiation
  • Phenomenological Model
  • Microwave Heating
  • Homogeneous Boundary Condition