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Peculiarities of superheated liquid discharging under strong and weak nonequilibrium conditions


Results obtained in experimental investigating the characteristics of superheated liquid jet discharging under different nonequilibrium conditions are presented. The cases of liquid discharge from a high-pressure chamber and under gravitational jet formation conditions are considered. Different mechanisms of liquid flash boiling with heating growing up to limit superheating are identified in the case of liquid discharging from the high-pressure chamber. Dependences of the reactive force and the jet shape on the value of liquid overheating in a flow are presented. It is shown that the rapidly decreasing value of the reactive force of the jet is connected with its complete disintegration caused by homogeneous nucleation and by the presence of a normal wall behind the outlet from the channel. The parameters of two-phase jet stability in the conditions of gravitational falling, the flow rates, and the size of droplet dispersion zones depend substantially on the shape of holes and the heat flux density. Pronounced effects of partial or full blocking of the holes as a result of soluble impurities deposition in the regimes of cryogenic liquid evaporation or boiling when vapor cavities are formed in the channel are observed in the conditions of long-term discharging under nonadiabatic conditions. This leads to complete disintegration of the jet and uncontrollable reduction of the flow rate through the hole up to full blocking of the latter.

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