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3D problem of heat and mass transfer at the ignition of a combustible liquid by a heated metal particle


A nonlinear nonstationary 3D problem of heat and mass transfer at gas phase ignition of a combustible liquid spread on the surface of a solid body by a metal particle heated to a high temperature is solved. This is done within the framework of a model taking into account the heat conduction and evaporation of the liquid, the diffusion and convection of the combustible vapors in the oxidizer medium, the crystallization of the ignition source, the kinetics of the processes of evaporation and ignition of liquids, the dependence of the thermophysical characteristics of the interacting substances on the temperature, and the moisture content of the oxidizer—air. The dependences of the ignition delay time of the liquid on the temperature and sizes of the heating source are established. Limiting values of the temperature and particle sizes at which the ignition conditions take place are determined. The influence of the air humidity on the inertia of the process being investigated is analyzed. A comparison of numerical values of typical parameters of the process under investigation for 2D and 3D models is performed.

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