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Asymmetry of the wall shear stress in a stimulated ascendant flow of a liquid with monodisperse bubbles


Results of an experimental investigation of the two-phase wall shear stress averaged over the tube perimeter and the pulsation of wall shear stress in a stimulated ascendant flow with monodisperse bubbles with an average diameter of 1.2 and 2.2 mm are presented. Regimes with various hydrodynamic parameters such as high shear stress on the wall, low and negative wall shear stress, a high level of shear stress pulsation on the wall, and possible decrease in this level of pulsation are found. An increase in the void gas fraction results in a monotonic increase of perturbation of the single-phase flow. The dependences of the ratio of two-phase and single-phase wall shear stresses for two average bubble diameters seem to be qualitatively similar. The analysis of data revealed a complex dependence of the shear stress pulsation on the bubble diameter. The averaged flow characteristics quantitatively change upon the decrease in the bubble diameter. A further decrease in the average bubble diameter at the same void gas fraction will probably increase the heat-and mass-transfer characteristics of the flow. This is an issue for the futures study.

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