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Evaporation waves in a metastable single-component liquid


In this paper, evaporation waves appearing at rapid depressurization of a vessel filled with liquid Freon R11 have been investigated experimentally. Regimes with a high-speed evaporation front have been revealed. It has been shown that the disintegration of a metastable liquid takes place in the form of a surface evaporation wave with a cellular structure of the front and anomalously high values of the coefficient of heat transfer from the liquid. The dependence of the evaporation front velocity on the initial temperature of the liquid has been obtained. A critical temperature value below which evaporation waves are not observed has been determined. Visualization of the evaporation front structure and dynamics with the use of a high-speed video camera has been performed. It has been found that the evaporation front motion has a pulsatory character. A method to calculate the surface evaporation wave with a quasi-plane interphase boundary has been developed. It is based on a model of nonequilibrium evaporation of the liquid and experimentally measured coefficients of the heat transfer from the liquid.

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