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Statistics of low-frequency pulsations in critical regimes of heat mass exchange with phase transitions


Experimental investigation of fluctuation dynamics in critical and transitional modes of heat mass exchange shows existence of irregular high-energy pulsations with power spectrum inversely proportional to the frequency—so called 1/f spectrum. Such regimes are characterized by the fact that an essential part of the pulsations energy is connected with very slow processes and mean that large high-energy bursts are possible in the system. Another characteristic feature of such regimes is scale invariance of the fluctuations distribution function. According to the theory, the 1/f fluctuations can emerge in physical systems due to simultaneous phase transitions in presence of sufficiently intensive white noise.

This paper is devoted to detailed investigation of relaxation processes at steadying of stationary stochastic process in non-equilibrium phase transitions in system of two nonlinear stochastic differential equation. Such an information reveals statistical patterns of particular large-scale low-frequency bursts. Discontinuous “forgetting” of the initial conditions takes place. It is shown by numerical methods that distributions of duration and maximal values of the low-frequency extreme bursts have the power-like form.

Experimental investigation results of statistical characteristics of fluctuation processes at ultrasonic cavitation and flash boiling of overheated water jets are presented. Results of the experiments carried out fit conclusions of the theoretical model for interacting heterogeneous phase transitions.

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