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The Dynamical Core of a Homoclinic Orbit


The complexity of a dynamical system exhibiting a homoclinic orbit is given by its dynamical core which, due to Cantwell, Conlon and Fenley, is a set uniquely determined in the isotopy class, up to a topological conjugacy, of the end-periodic map relative to that orbit. In this work we prove that a sufficient condition to determine the dynamical core of a homoclinic orbit of a Smale diffeomorphism on the \(2\)-disk is the non-existence of bigons relative to this orbit. Moreover, we propose a pruning method for eliminating bigons that can be used to find a Smale map without bigons and hence for finding the dynamical core.

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I would like to thank the Institute IME-USP for the hospitality during the time in which part of this work was done.


This work was supported by the FAPESP grant 2010/20159-6.

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