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Fabrication of Schottky Diodes Based on Cu Electrode and Polyaniline Cadmium Oxide (PANI/CdO) Composites


In situ chemical polymerization technique was used to synthesize polyaniline (PANI) and polyaniline сadmium oxide (PANI/CdO) composites with different weight percentage of CdO dopant. Structure and morphology of pure and synthesized nanocomposites were characterized by XRD and SEM techniques. Different weight percentage of CdO dopant was used to verify their effects on these characteristics. The XRD results represent better crystallinity and show more intense peaks of PANI/CdO composites with addition of CdO nano particles. The SEM investigations of PANI/CdO сomposites show well intercalary, agglomerated platelet as well as flaky structure. Current density−voltage (JV) characteristics of ITO/PANI/Cu, ITO/PANI-CdO composites/Cu fabricated Schottky diodes were investigated at room and some elevated temperatures in the potential window ±20 V. The junction parameters such as saturation current density, ideality factor and barrier height were calculated and found to be influenced by the doping concentration of CdO as well as temperature variation. The electrical behavior of PANI with CdO was found to be in good agreement with the thermionic emission model for the Schottky barrier type devices.

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