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Exposure of nuclear track emulsion to 8He nuclei at the ACCULINNA separator


Nuclear track emulsion is exposed to a beam of radioactive 8He nuclei with an energy of 60 MeV and enrichment of about 80% at the ACCULINNA separator. Measurements of 278 decays of the 8He nuclei stopped in the emulsion allow the potential of the α spectrometry to be estimated and the thermal drift of 8He atoms in matter to be observed for the first time.

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Original Russian Text © D.A. Artemenkov, A.A. Bezbakh, V. Bradnova, M.S. Golovkov, A.V. Gorshkov, P.I. Zarubin, I.G. Zarubina, G. Kaminski, N.K. Kornegrutsa, S.A. Krupko, K.Z. Mamatkulov, R.R. Kattabekov, V.V. Rusakova, R.S. Slepnev, R. Stanoeva, S.V. Stepantsov, A.S. Fomichev, V. Chudoba, 2013, published in Pis’ma v Zhurnal Fizika Elementarnykh Chastits i Atomnogo Yadra, 2013, No. 5(182), pp. 679–690.

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Artemenkov, D.A., Bezbakh, A.A., Bradnova, V. et al. Exposure of nuclear track emulsion to 8He nuclei at the ACCULINNA separator. Phys. Part. Nuclei Lett. 10, 415–421 (2013).

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