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Search for particle-antiparticle back-to-back correlations in √s NN GeV Au + Au collisions


A novel type of quantum mechanical correlations, hypothesized in the 1990’s, the (squeezed) back-to-back correlations, was predicted to appear in heavy ion collisions among particle-antiparticle (eg. π+π, K + K , \(p\bar p\)) pairs, if their in-medium masses are different from the vacuum values. Observation of this correlation would provide new insight in the freeze-out dynamics of the created matter. The latest status of the PHENIX measurement, comprising the first measurement of this new effect, is presented.

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Correspondence to M. I. Nagy.

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Talk at the 2009 Workshop on Particle Correlations and Femtoscopy, CERN, Geneva, October 12–17, 2009.

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Nagy, M.I. Search for particle-antiparticle back-to-back correlations in √s NN GeV Au + Au collisions. Phys. Part. Nuclei Lett. 8, 1033–1036 (2011).

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