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Phase Composition and Luminescent Properties of Yb3+:(GdxY1 – x)3Al5O12 Nanopowders on Isomorphous Substitution of Y3+ Ions by Gd3+ Ions


This paper presents the results of studying the effect of the isomorphic substitution of Y3+ ions into Gd3+ ions on the structure and luminescent properties of yttrium-aluminum garnet nanopowders activated with Yb3+ ions obtained by the polymer-salt method. To study the structure of the material, the methods of X-ray phase analysis, as well as luminescent and infrared spectroscopy, were used. It is established that with an increase in the content of the Gd3+ ions in the garnet structure, a monotonic expansion of the unit cell of crystals and an increase in the width of the Yb3+ luminescence band are observed.

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