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Characteristics of vitrified liquid radioactive wastes prepared with the use of aqueous silica sols


Solid samples of vitrified model liquid radioactive wastes (LRWs) are produced by treating their components with hydrochloric acid-water-alcohol solutions containing ethoxysilane hydrolysates and aqueous silica sols at pH 1.5–4.0. The silica sols are prepared by the membrane concentration of natural hydrothermal solutions. The characteristics of solid vitrified samples are determined using X-ray powder diffraction, thermogravimetry, IR spectroscopy, and electron microscopy. It is established that, in the acidic water-alcohol medium, ethoxysilane hydrolysates, silica sol nanoparticles, and dissolved salts of liquid radioactive wastes form a spatially structured inorganic siloxane copolymer.

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Original Russian Text © V.V. Potapov, D.G. Kuznetsov, L.M. Antipin, A.O. Sadovnikova, E.V. Shunina, 2009, published in Fizika i Khimiya Stekla.

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