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Minerals and T–P parameters of the Evolution of the Lukkulaysvaara Gabbro–Norite Massif, North Karelia


Gabbro–norites and gabbros from the Lukkulaisvaara layered ultramafic massif (Northern Karelia) was studied. The T–P parameters of its formation were determined from data on the compositions of the minerals making up these rocks. It is suggested that the Lukkulaisvaara massif was formed in three stages: the first, magmatic stage was associated with intrusion of a mafic melt and the onset of rock crystallization at temperatures above 1000–1200°C and pressure of ~10–13.5 kbar; autometasomatic reworking by fluids took place at the second, late magmatic stage; the third (hydrothermal) stage was associated with later processes. Temperatures below 800°C may reflect either the last stages of a magmatic process or a postmagmatic high-temperature hydrothermal stage.

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The study was supported by state task no. FMUF-2022-0003 no. 1021051201959-6-1.5.6;1.5.4;1.5.2.

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