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Gahnite in Rare-Metal Metasomatic Rocks of the Verkhneurmiysky Ore Cluster, Amur River Region

  • V. I. AlekseevEmail author
  • Yu. B. Marin
  • I. M. Gembitskaya
Minerals and Mineral Parageneses


A new finding of Zn-spinel (gahnite) in biotite metasomatic rock of the Verkhneurmiysky copper–tungsten–tin ore cluster is described in this paper, including the chemical composition of gahnite, its paragenesis, and place in the regional evolution history of hydrothermal processes. Gahnite is commonly localized in biotite–microcline metasomatic rocks at the lower subore stage of the greisen metasomatic column in proximity to the exocontact of the rare-metal granite massif. Gahnite from rare-metal ore occurrences belongs to the hercynite–gahnite–franklinite isomorphic series and contains significant isomorphic admixtures of iron (24.3%) and manganese (0.65%). Based on our results and earlier published data, it is suggested that gahnite can be a mineral-indicator of rare-metal metasomatism.


gahnite Zn-rich hercynite siderophyllite lithium–fluoric granite greisen zwitter tungsten–tin deposit Far East Amur River Region 


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  • Yu. B. Marin
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  • I. M. Gembitskaya
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