Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry

, Volume 52, Issue 12, pp 1717–1727 | Cite as

Polystyrene-supported cu(II)-R-Box as recyclable catalyst in asymmetric Friedel–Crafts reaction

  • V. G. Desyatkin
  • M. V. Anokhin
  • V. O. Rodionov
  • I. P. Beletskaya


The complex of copper(II) trifluoromethanesulfonate with chiral isopropyl bis(oxazoline) ligand (i-Pr-Box) was immobilized on accessible and inexpensive Merrifield resin according to a “click” procedure. The resulting catalyst showed high efficiency and recyclability in the asymmetric Friedel–Crafts alkylation of indole and its derivatives. The catalyst can be recycled five times without appreciable loss in activity and enantioselectivity.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • V. G. Desyatkin
    • 1
  • M. V. Anokhin
    • 1
  • V. O. Rodionov
    • 2
  • I. P. Beletskaya
    • 1
  1. 1.Faculty of ChemistryMoscow State UniversityMoscowRussia
  2. 2.King Abdullah University of Science and TechnologyThuwalSaudi Arabia

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