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Effect of Gaseous Alkanes on Conversion of Straight-Run Naphtha in the Presence of Со(Ni) (ZSM-5, MOR, Al2O3)/SO42–/ZrO2 Composite Catalysts

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Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Joint conversion of the propane–butane fraction of gaseous С3–С4 alkanes and straight-run naphtha by involving them in the joint isomerization–disproportionation process on Ме/Н–N–SO42–/ZrO2 composite catalytic systems, where N is MOR or MFI zeolite or Al2O3, was studied at atmospheric pressure in the interval 160–240°С. The catalyst of the composition 0.4Со/HZSM-5/SO42– (2.0)–ZrO2 at 180°С allows up to 63.5% of gaseous C4– alkanes to be involved in isomerization–disproportionation processing of the mixture of straight-run naphtha and propane–butane fraction (1 : 1 by weight), the content of C5–C6 alkanes in the catalyzate to be increased by 21.4%, and the relative content of their branched isomers to be increased to 88.8%. The effect of hydrogen on the conversion of С4– and С8+ components of the mixture of straight-run naphtha and propane–butane fraction (1 : 1 by weight) was studied; an increase in the Н2/hydrocarbon ratio from 2 to 4 leads to an increase in the conversion of С4– alkanes from 63.5 to 90%. The possibility of expanding the resources for producing С5–С6 alkanes with increased content of high-octane branched components by joint processing of the propane–butane fraction and straight-run naphtha was demonstrated.

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The authors are grateful to Cand. Sci. (Chem.), Leading Researcher F.A. Babaev for the assistance in analysis of reaction products.


The study is performed in accordance with the research plan of the Mammadaliyev Institute of Petrochemical Processes, National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan.

Author information

Authors and Affiliations



S.I. Abasov: setting the task of synthesis of composite catalysts active in isomerization–disproportionation transformations of hydrocarbon mixtures; S.B. Agayeva: analyzing and interpreting the results of conversion of straight-run naphtha, propane–butane fraction, and their mixtures; D.B. Taghiyev: suggesting the mechanisms of catalytic transformations of the mixture of straight-run naphtha and propane–butane fraction; M.T. Mamedova: collecting published data and preparing literature review, participating in the development of the analytical procedure, and performing the chromatographic analysis of reaction products; A.A. Imanova: preparing М-11 and М-2 catalysts and performing experiments on conversion of the mixture of straight-run naphtha and propane–butane fraction; A.A. Iskenderova: choosing conditions for express analysis of hydrocarbon mixture components and performing chromatographic analysis of reaction products; E.S. Isayeva: performing experiments on conversion of straight-run naphtha and its mixture with propane–butane fraction; R.R. Zarbaliyev: preparing М-12 catalyst and determining the role of the nature of the zeolite component in the formation and cleavage of bimolecular intermediates; F.M. Nasirova: preparing М-6а and М-6 catalysts and determining the role of the transition element in activation of the hydrogenolysis and hydrocracking of hydrocarbon mixture components.

Corresponding author

Correspondence to M. T. Mamedova.

Ethics declarations

The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.

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Translated from Zhurnal Prikladnoi Khimii, No. 7, pp. 909–918, January, 2021

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Abasov, S.I., Agayeva, S.B., Taghiyev, D.B. et al. Effect of Gaseous Alkanes on Conversion of Straight-Run Naphtha in the Presence of Со(Ni) (ZSM-5, MOR, Al2O3)/SO42–/ZrO2 Composite Catalysts. Russ J Appl Chem 94, 959–968 (2021).

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