Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry

, Volume 90, Issue 12, pp 2033–2038 | Cite as

Application of a Sawdust/Fe3O4 and Sawdust/Fe3O4/PEI as a Selective Adsorbent for Pb(II) Removal

  • Avat Ghasemi
  • Mahmoud Reza Sohrabi
  • Fereshteh Motiee
Various Technological Processes


Based on the advantages of Fe3O4 nanoparticles (MNPs), sawdust (SD), and polyethlenimine (PEI) respectively, the SD/MNPs/PEI composites with layered structure were synthesized. The features of the nanocomposites were characterized and experimental conditions were used to evaluate the potential of SD/ MNPs and SD/MNPs/PEI nanocomposites in removing lead ions Pb2+ in a batch system. By cross-linking PEI on the SD/ MNPs, chelating group on the surface of adsorbent is made, which increases the ability of the nanocomposite to attract Pb(II) from aqueous solutions. Results show an increase in the adsorption by about 31% on SD/MNPs, by about 98% in SD/MNPs/PEI.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Avat Ghasemi
    • 1
  • Mahmoud Reza Sohrabi
    • 1
  • Fereshteh Motiee
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Chemistry, Tehran North BranchIslamic Azad UniversityTehranIran

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