Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry

, Volume 90, Issue 10, pp 1614–1619 | Cite as

Comparative Study of Titanium-modified HMS Mesoporous Materials via Different Preparing Methods

  • Xuefeng Li
  • Like Zhang
Various Technological Processes


The current work is focused on the testing of titanium modified hexagonal mesoporous silica (HMS) for catalysts in epoxidation of cyclohexene. Two samples were prepared via the chemical liquid deposition (CLD) and the chemical vapor deposition (CVD), namely Ti/HMS-L and Ti/HMS-V, respectively. HMS and Ti/HMS were characterized by XRD, N2-adsorption, ICP-AES, UV-Vis. The samples were also evaluated by the epoxidation of cyclohexene with cumene hydroperoxide (CHP) as oxidant. It is revealed that Ti/HMS samples possess typical hexagonal mesoporous structure in which most of titanium species exist in the form of framework tetracoordinated state. Meanwhile, Ti/HMS-V is more seriously affected than Ti/HMS-L since the former was prepared at higher temperature. Ti/HMS-V gives more excellent catalytic performance than Ti/HMS-L, which is likely because the former has more isolated and framework titanium species. Either Ti/HMS-V or Ti/HMS-L can be used only 1 time in epoxidation experiment.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Xuchang UniversityXuchangChina

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