Lignopolyurethane foam based on hydrolytic lignin


Synthesis of lignopolyurethane foams based on wastes from biochemical industries, both freshly obtained technical-grade hydrolytic lignins and those stored in dumps for a long time, was studied. It was found out that the lignopolyurethane foams obtained have high heat-insulating properties conforming to the standards of heat-insulating materials. It was shown for the first time that prolonged storage under atmospheric conditions of technical-grade hydrolytic lignin contained in lignopolyurethane foams has no significant effect on their physicomechanical properties.

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Original Russian Text © S.M. Krutov, E.V. Ipatova, D.S. Kosyakov, N.V. Shkaeva, E.M. Korotkova, A.V. Pranovich, S. Willför, 2016, published in Zhurnal Prikladnoi Khimii, 2016, Vol. 89, No. 1, pp. 128−133.

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Krutov, S.M., Ipatova, E.V., Kosyakov, D.S. et al. Lignopolyurethane foam based on hydrolytic lignin. Russ J Appl Chem 89, 155–159 (2016).

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  • Foam
  • Lignin
  • Polyurethane Foam
  • Thermal Destruction
  • Lignosulfonate