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Improvement of ways to obtain ethidium bromide and synthesis of ethidium ethyl sulfate, a new fluorescent dye for detection of nucleic acids


Two methods for synthesis of ethidium bromide, a fluorescent dye widely used in molecular biology, were improved. An analog of ethidium bromide, ethidium ethyl sulfate, was synthesized.

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Original Russian Text © S.A. Osadchii, V.G. Shubin, L.P. Kozlova, V.S. Varlamenko, M.L. Filipenko, U.A. Boyarskikh, 2011, published in Zhurnal Prikladnoi Khimii, 2011, Vol. 84, No. 9, pp. 1491–1498.

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Osadchii, S.A., Shubin, V.G., Kozlova, L.P. et al. Improvement of ways to obtain ethidium bromide and synthesis of ethidium ethyl sulfate, a new fluorescent dye for detection of nucleic acids. Russ J Appl Chem 84, 1541 (2011).

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