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Hydrogen Production from Natural Gas in Laser Plasma: Chemistry, International Energy Policy, and Economic Model

  • Published:
Russian Journal of General Chemistry Aims and scope Submit manuscript


To solve such global problems as climate stabilization and reducing greenhouse gas luminescences requires an integrated approach, including a strategic analysis of the problem and the development of criteria for selecting proposed solutions, a natural scientific research on the possibilities and ways to implement the assigned tasks, as well as an economic justification for the feasibility of implementing the developed measures. The present publication is an attempt to apply this approach to the problem of hydrogen energy via proposing the production of hydrogen by pyrolysis of natural gas in laser plasma as one of the ways to its solution. Therewith, the main attention is focused on the chemical processes that occur in laser plasma, as well as on the nature of the transformations that occur in the solid pyrolysis product.

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The work was financially supported by the Russian Science Foundation and the Government of St. Petersburg (project no. 22-23-20038). The measurements were carried out in the resource Centers of the Science Park of St. Petersburg State University (Center for Optical and Laser Materials Research, Interdisciplinary Resource Center for Nanotechnology, Center for X-ray Diffraction Studies, Center for Physical Methods for Surface Research, and Center for Diagnostics of Functional Materials for Medicine, Pharmacology and Nanoelectronics).

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To the 300th Anniversary of the founding of St. Petersburg University

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