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Salicylic aldehyde and 2-N-tosylaminobenzaldehyde tetrazolyl hydrazones and their complexes

  • Published:
Russian Journal of General Chemistry Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Tetrazolyl hydrazones of salicylic aldehyde and 2-N-tosylaminobenzaldehyde as well as zinc(II) and copper(II) complexes on their base have been prepared. Quantum-chemical simulation of tautomerism of the hydrazones in vacuum and in the solutions has been performed. IR and NMR spectroscopy and magnetochemistry studies have revealed that the complexes are mononuclear; however, weak intermolecular exchange interaction of the antiferromagnetic type has been detected in the copper(II) complexes.

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Original Russian Text © S.I. Levchenkov, L.D. Popov, I.N. Scherbakov, E.A. Raspopova, A.N. Morozov, A.S. Burlov, V.A. Kogan, 2016, published in Zhurnal Obshchei Khimii, 2016, Vol. 86, No. 5, pp. 802–806.

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